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Compassionate and Approachable Legal Representation

Let's face it: getting legal help is an intimidating process! But working with a lawyer doesn't have to be stressful. That's where I come in. I work with you to get a full understanding of your legal issues, and to help you identify and achieve your goals.

Attorney Robin MacFadden

practice area: special education

I became an attorney because I love helping people get rid of obstacles in their lives. I am particularly passionate about working with queer, trans, and disabled clients as I know firsthand the unique challenges they can face. I began my legal career as an education and disability benefits attorney at a legal services organization. These days I take a mix of private clients and referrals from the Massachusetts public defender agency, and I mentor other attorneys handling special education matters. Think I can help? Get in touch.

pronouns: they/them/theirs

Northeastern University School of Law, 2022

A photograph of Attorney MacFadden smiling at the camera.

Ways I Can Help

Special Education Issues

For students who need them, special education services are a lifeline. Unfortunately, even though most schools are required by federal law to identify these students and provide them services, schools often move too slowly or completely bypass students in need. If you think your child's school is not giving them what they need to succeed, get in touch. Here are some ways I can help:

  • Seeking special education evaluations and advocating for your child at eligibility meetings

  • Advocating at special education meetings for the services, accommodations, and modifications your child needs

  • Holding schools accountable when they fail to provide services they agreed to provide

  • Helping to secure a placement in a more supportive setting

  • Protecting your child from being disciplined due to their disabilities

School Discipline

Out of school suspensions are a disciplinary measure commonly used by schools in an attempt to punish a variety of actions and behaviors. Because out of school suspensions deprive students of instructional time, students have the right to an attorney and to appeal suspension decisions in some, but not all, circumstances. Please note that hearing and appeal timelines in school discipline matters move extremely quickly, so if you think you might need an attorney please reach out ASAP.

Child Requiring Assistance Cases

Child Requiring Assistance (also known as a CRA) petitions ask courts to help with difficult behaviors by minors such as running away and refusing to attend school. They can be filed by custodians, schools, and sometimes police. These cases can result in children and families getting services, but they can also result in changes of custody. If your child's school files a CRA, reach out and I can help you navigate the case.

Mailing Address

15 Common Street

Unit 627

Natick, MA 01760






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